Private Music Studio Guides by Mimi Butler



Mimi Butler teaches violin and viola privately to 6-10 students weekly in her Cherry Hill, NJ home.

Six one-hour music writing (theory) lessons are offered for $300. 
This does not include the books and the lessons must be taken during a 6 month period.

Lesson increase as of 1/1/17 : $57 for an hour, $42 for a 45 minute lesson.
If parents / students choose to pay for twelve (12) lessons in advance, a 10% discount will be deducted from the total bill.
For example:
  12 lessons x $57.00 (for an hour lesson) - 10% = $616 (instead of $684). This discount must be paid before the first lesson.

Plus, Mimi Butler offers violin and viola rentals:           

3 months:         $60                                               
6 months:         $110                                               
9 months:         $145                                             
12 months:       $180                                               




        6:30    Steele
        7:30    Han

        5:15    Slimm
        6:00    Gideon 
        7:30    Pattar

        6:00    Chung

Reprinted from the internet:

Music lessons may help keep the brain healthy as people grow older, a new study suggests.

Researchers from the University of Kansas Medical Center divided 70 healthy adults, ages 60 to 83, into three groups based on their amount of musical experience: no musical training, one to nine years of music lessons, and at least 10 years of musical study.

More than half of those with a music background studied piano, about one-quarter played woodwind instruments such as the flute or clarinet, and others played string instruments, percussion or brass instruments.

The participants -- who had similar fitness and education levels and were free of Alzheimer's disease -- were given several cognitive tests. Those with the greatest amount of musical experience did best on these tests of mental acuity, followed by those with less musical study and those who never took music lessons.

Compared to non-musicians, the people with a high degree of musical experience had much higher scores on the cognitive tests, including those related to visuospatial memory, naming objects, and the brain's ability to adapt to new information (cognitive flexibility).

"Musical activity throughout life may serve as a challenging cognitive exercise, making your brain fitter and more capable of accommodating the challenges of aging," lead researcher Brenda Hanna-Pladdy said in a journal news release.

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