Private Music Studio Guides by Mimi Butler



Mrs. Butler's Payment & Lesson Policies (updated 1/1/13)

1.      As of 1/1/13, private lesson price : $55 for 60 minutes and $41 for 45 minutes.
Six one-hour music writing (theory) lessons are offered for $300.  This does not include the books and the lessons must be taken during a 6 month period.
If parents / students choose to pay for twelve (12) lessons in advance, a 10% discount will be deducted from the total bill.
For example:
  12 lessons x $55.00 (for an hour lesson) - 10% = $594 (instead of $660).  Or, 12 lessons x $41 (for a 45 minute lesson) minus 10% = $443 (instead of $492). This discount must be paid before the first lesson.

2.     Only one make-up private lesson will be offered per student per month, unless prior plans have been made.  Missed lessons must be made-up within thirty (30) days from missed date. If a scheduled make-up private lesson is missed or not made up within thirty (30) days, a second one cannot be scheduled. If lessons are not canceled by 3:30 pm
(9:00 am in the summer) on the day the lesson is scheduled,  NO make-up will be offered.   Lessons missed can NOT be deducted from the bill. The monthly payment may be reduced due to planned vacations only if prior notice is given by the first of the month.
4.      If three (3) or more lessons are cancelled in a block of time, the student’s slot will NOT be saved.  This can only occur once a calendar year unless there is a family or medical emergency.
5.     If lessons are missed on a regular basis (more than two a month) for more than two consecutive months, lessons will be terminated without refund.
6.     A vacation week will NOT be offered during midterm and final exams week unless notice is given by the first of the month.
7.     If a check is returned by the bank, you will be charged a $25.00 cash fee. Two returned checks, you will be required to pay cash, money order or certified check only.
8.     NO visitors please in the studio; only students taking lessons & parents. 
9.     If lesson attendance is terminated before the end of the month, all payments will not be reimbursed.
10.    Please notify me of any health problems that I should be aware of and whom to notify in the case of an emergency.
11.    If a student requires the change of lesson time slot due to sport participation, there must be prior notice.
12.    Summer lessons need to be chosen by July 1 in order to be guaranteed a time slot.
13.    Regularly scheduled lessons will not be available on Fridays or Saturdays.
14.    Students must take a minimum of TWO lessons each summer in order to hold their fall time slot.
15.    Adult students taking one or two afternoon or evening private lessons a month may have to reschedule if a permanent student wants that time slot.
16.     An instrument can only be borrowed for 2 weeks.  Violin & viola rentals: Per month :  $25
Three month period: $60.